Introducing 2020 Prophetics Mentorship Union!
January 11, 2020
Who We Are
Membership Association for professional prophets, psalmists, intercessors, seers, dreamers, scribes, prophetic ministers looking for continuing education, development, coaching, tips, expertise, and…
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2020 Silver Bundle Club

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2020 Professional Prophetics Union Silver Plan

$29.99 / month
$299.99 / year (save 17%)
The Silver Plan offers 2020 Professional Prophetics Mentorship Union members the opportunity to include the monthly webinar with the base union membership benefits for the monthly subscription cost of just $29.99. That's just $10 more dollars than the basic plan!
Includes access to 8 products:
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Partner with a Prophet Plan

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Tala Price Services Insider

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Winning Woman's Winners Circle

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